How to Buy from Light Tape UK

Costing Light Tape®?

Light Tape® is Priced by the "Linear Meter" or by the "Linear Foot", this means that it can be purchased in Imperial and Metric Lengths. to provide you with an accurate Costing for Light Tape® in your application we will need the following information:

✔ Length of each individual Strip(s) in Imperial or Metric
✔ Lit Width of Light Tape® (1/4" 1/2" 1" 2" etc.)
✔ Indoor or OutDoor Connector (Low Profile, Heavy Duty or Heavy Duty Resin Sealed ip68)
✔ Number of Connections
✔ AC or DC Power Driver

To work out what size Power Driver will be needed for an application, we look at the amount of Light Tape® in Square Inches and marry that up to the corresponding Power Supply (e.g. 380sq" = SD 400 = 50 to 400sq")

With all this information we will be able to give you an accurate quotation for the cost of Light Tape® in your project, If you have any diagrams with accurate dimensions of where the Light Tape® is going to fit, that would aid in the costing and understanding of the Job.

Ordering Information

Once we have all the information above has been confirmed, the order can be placed, once we have conformation of the order, a pro-former invoice will be sent to you (orders are based on 50% on order and 50% on Dispatch of order) Once the 50% has been paid the order will be processed, once it is ready for dispatch, the final 50% of the order is to be paid before Shipment of order.

Payment Methods

Light Tape UK™ Accepts a variety of payment methods as follows:

✔ PDQ Payment over the phone or in person Accepting Visa, Visa Debit, Master Card, Switch and Visa Electron, (we do not accept American Express)
✔ Cheque Payment (Cheque must clear before Order is Processed and/or Shipped)
✔ Bank Transfer
✔ PayPal

Please note that administration and other Charges may apply depending on the payment method.

Resell Light Tape UK Products

We also offer the opportunity to become a Light Tape UK Reseller or Agent, for more information on becoming a Reseller or Agent or Light Tape® Please contact us form the following link