Light Tape Mounting

Light Tape® Mounting and Fixings.

Light Tape® outdoor mounting channel with clips.

In high instance indoor and outdoor applications, Light Tape® is mounted by inserting the lamp into a polycarbonate extrusion. This adds an additional level of protection from UV and moisture plus allows the lamp to "float", independent from changes in the environment.


1. Determine the number of segments you will require.

* DO NOT bend Light Tape ® around corners when outside.

* All segments should be sealed per Electro-LuminX®'s procedure

2. Clean the surface and mark a chalk line using a level along which the Light Tape® is to run.

3. Mount clips on 12-18" centres, depending on surface, with number 10 screws. Chalk mark should line up to the edge (NOT middle) of clips. If mounting on smooth surfaces, mount UltraBond ™ adhesive foam tape along the level line instead of clips.

4. Slip Light Tape® into the Mounting Channel through the slot in the bottom rear. Light Tape® should fall in and float in the Mounting Channel. Slide in from the end on short runs up to 30 feet, or from the bottom and allow to drop in place. IMPORTANT: Check power supply location! Install lamp so that slot is on the bottom and connection wires end up where the power supply is located. Make sure the slot in the channel is facing the structure and / or in the opposite direction of the light emitting side of the lamp.

5. Starting with the power supply end, snap the Mounting Channel into the clips (slot on bottom rear). Be careful not to bend or kink the Light Tape ® when snapping into place.

6. IMPORTANT: To prevent movement, secure connector on the same plane as the extrusion with a spacer to the building. Replace small screws with longer screws. Screw through the cap directly into the building. Please follow local electrical codes when making electrical connections.