What is Light Tape® and Electroluminescence (EL)?

How Dose Light Tape® Work?

Electroluminescence (EL) is a means of generating light by the electrical excitation of light emitting phosphors, similar to how Plasma televisions are backlit today. In this case, the light emitting phosphors are located between two electrically conductive plates. Applying an alternating (A.C.) current activates the system producing light. At least one of the electrodes consists of a light transmissive conductive material allowing the light to escape.
Why are Light Tape® Lamps so Revolutionary?

Light Tape® is the most energy efficient and versatile light bulb ever developed! Light Tape® Lamps and animated signs are at the leading edge of global quality, reliability and service standards.

Incredible energy savings.
One hundred meters of standard 1" Light Tape® lamp consumes less than a 100 watt light bulb! Light Tape® is the most energy efficient form of lighting available today. Typical energy consumption is less than 0.25 ma / sq. in.

Uniform surface lighting.
Light Tape® backlighting systems uniformly backlight onyx, engineered materials and signage. Fits in almost any space at less than 0.02" thick! No more hot or dark spots and does not generate heat.

Outdoor friendly.
We have engineered Light Tape® to work outside as well as inside. A logical replacement for traditional neon or other accent lighting. Quick, easy, do it yourself! Try our Snap-N-Light systems.

Lasts for years, no maintenance.
Light Tape® Systems last for years with virtually no maintenance required while providing low energy operation. No more emergency calls to your repair man because part or all of your lights went out last night!

Long runs, only one connection!
Imagine a single 100 meter run of Light Tape® powered by a single power supply and connected only at one end. And, the brightness will not vary over the length of the lamp. Accent your venue in a matter of minutes with just one connection!

Electro-LuminX manufactures Light Tape® in the US to ensure optimal quality standards. After 12 years of engineering and development, we have stable and repeatable process to ensure world class quality. The lamp and processes are patent protected and manufacturing is controlled by ISO9001:2000 processes.

Why is Light Tape® Uniue?

Combine Electro-LuminX's patented technology and manufacturing processes with the best materials available and you get Light Tape® Lamps. We utilize GTP's premium quality light emitting phosphors and Honeywell's Encapsulate Systems to guarantee that we deliver the highest quality lamp possible to our customers

Light Tape® lamps are changing the way people think of a light bulb. Imagine a light bulb as thin as a credit card, in any colour, that you can bend around any surface, for hundreds and hundreds of feet, indoors or outdoors, that costs only a fraction of what traditional bulbs cost to operate. In fact, it is the most important innovation in light since the invention of the bulb.

Or imagine your individualised creative sign artwork with animated illumination to command attention at a point of purchase or anywhere you need it.

Light Tape® Energy Consumption Comparison

Light Tape® is the most inexpensive, energy efficient lighting option available, costing only about $80 a year. Compared to fluorescent and neon lighting, both costing about $1700 annually, Light Tape® is a bargain! Even LEDs, the “energy efficient” choice, costs about $500 a year to operate.

For more information on the Light Tape, Please contact us on our contact form or at mike.hardcastle@lighttape.co.uk or by Telephone at +44(0)8456 170 697 quoting Light Tape.