Light Tape Connections

Light Tape® Connections and Cables

Pierce the rear (gray side with white line) of the Light Tape® with one connector pin on each side of the white line to create contact and electrical connection.   Fit connector caps to strain relief and prepare adhesive to complete seal connection, for out door applications, apply Star Brite™ to the connection   Firmly squeeze connector caps onto strain relief (we recommend with vice grips) and complete with two locking screws.

Heavy Duty Connector

  • Easy two part system (as shown above)
  • Designed for the highest IP Enclosure Rating Possible
  • Water Resistant
  • Indoor / Outdoor

Light Duty Connector

  • Lower Profile and less Bulky
  • Indoor
  • Polycarbonate caps with protective insulation

Link To Light Tape Connection Video Tutorial

(New Connection Tutorial Coming Soon to the Video Gallery)