Light Tape UK Case Studies

National Trust Light Tape Nunnington Hall Emergency Lighting Case Study.
The Light Tape® Battery Backup Emergency Lighting System was originally designed and produced by Lister Electrical of York, and installed at The National Trust’s Nunnington Hall in North Yorkshire. The system is designed to provide a battery backup to operate Light Tape® as an Emergency Egress Light in case of mains power failure. Light Tape® Battery Backup System.

Manchester "M" (Centre of Manchester UK)
Light Tape has been installed at the Manchester visitors centre, situated at Piccadilly Plaza on Portland Street, to add a touch of colour and interest to the busy Portland Street area. The recently opened information centre is presented as a truly modern, forward looking, fun place that projects the merits of Manchester in very much the same way.

BAE Systems Farnborough International Air Show.
When BAE wanted a spectacular floor lighting effect at this year’s Farnborough International Air Show Rapier Group chose Light Tape® to fit the bill.

Darwin Walk, University College London.
New Light Tape® has been used once again to create a unique display, The display features the words “Darwin Walk” in Morse code, with all the “dots” and “dashes” being made from Light Tape® in its “Cut out Shapes” form. at University College London.

Pompey Centre Portsmouth.
Pompey Centre Case Study using the Light Tape® Snap and Light System. "Snap-N-Light from Light Tape UK is the easy to install display lighting system for building decoration applications. Snap-N-Light is the perfect solution for fixing Light Tape® in place and providing protection from the elements."

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