Battery Backup System. By Light Tape UK, Illuminated by Light Tape® from Electro-LuminX®

Light Tape® Battery Backup Emergency Lighting System.

The Light Tape® Battery Backup Emergency Lighting System was originally designed and produced by Lister Electrical of York, and installed at The National Trust’s Nunnington Hall in North Yorkshire. The system is designed to provide a battery backup to operate Light Tape® as an Emergency Egress Light in case of mains power failure. Light Tape® Battery Backup System.

Light Tape® Battery Backup Emergency Lighting System includes a mains input to a 12V transformer, which in turn runs a trickle charging unit attached to a 12V 4Ah backup battery.

In application should the mains power be cut off a relay switch immediately connects power from the backup battery to the Light Tape® DC Power Supply to drive the Light Tape®, providing sufficient light to exit the building avoiding trip hazards in the event of an emergency.

The backup system also features an override switch that can be used to operate the Light Tape® directly from the 12V transformer providing ancillary lighting.

In tests, the 12V 4Ah battery drove 5m of 25mm (1″) Light Tape® for 12 hours without needing to be recharged.

National Trust Light Tape Nunnington Hall Emergency Lighting Case Study.

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