Night Clubs, Bars and Restaurants


Light Tape® is similar to neon but its flat, uniform appearance gives an ultra modern twist to the more traditional form of decorative lighting solutions used in Clubs, Bars and Restaurants. It offers versatility of application as it is not bulky and so can be fitted just about anywhere providing the right kind of lighting to compliment whatever mood is required. The light Tape® product can also be supplied in letter form and in customised shapes to add interest and originality to any project (see picture gallery).

Creating the right mood: Light Tape® can be used to great effect in any Bar, Club or Restaurant. The main aim is definitely to create the right atmosphere or, in a purely decorative application, to add a stunning focal point to a room. For either of these purposes in the entertainment world the Light Tape® product definitely fills the bill. It provides the materials to generate a fun and exciting atmosphere, yet can also help to produce a sultry, sexy or even sophisticated ambience depending on specific design and ultimate application.

Light Tape® is extremely safe in application and is becoming increasingly popular as the contemporary alternative to Neon on all types of projects as it offers not only a clean ultra modern alternative to these more traditionally used light forms but also proves to be both more ecological and economical in its long term use of energy. Light Tape® does not contain gas or mercury, uses 85 to 90% less energy to run compared to other lighting technologies and so is cost effective and environmentally friendly.